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User Top Up and Consumer Service Agreement

User Top Up and Consumer Service Agreement

I. Top Up and Agreement of Reload Point

1. In the Printing-Market platform, the users get “Reload Point" from Printing-Market when user make payment directly through bank for top up their account.

2. The user understands and agrees that the top up Reload Point is not suitable for unreasonable replacement. Once the top up is successful, the top up is determined to be completed. The Printing-Market platform will not provide any change and correction services. Users may not claim a refund on the grounds that there is still a residual Reload Point in the account after the completion of the consumption. The "Reload Point" obtained by users will not be returned due to the discontinuation or interruption of Printing-Market platform services.

3. When the user top up on Printing-Market platform, the user must confirm their account number and information carefully. If the user enters the account number incorrectly, operates improperly, does not understand or does not fully understand the top up charging method and other factors, the account number and the type of top up are mistaken and damaged. The Printing-Market platform shall not be required to make any compensation or compensation for the damage to his own rights and interests.

4. Users should abide by the agreements and service rules with the bank and Molpay when they use the services provided to make payment; Users should take good care of personal information, including bank card account number, password, authentication code, etc. in the process of using the services provided by the bank or Molpay; Users agree and confirm that Printing-Market does not take any responsibility if there is a dispute between the user and Molpay service or bank.

5. The Printing-Market platform is the only way for users to legally top up and get "Reload Point". The "Reload Point" purchased or obtained through other method channels is not protected by the Printing-Market platform. The Printing-Market platform has the right to close accounts and recover "Reload Point" at any time.

6. Users whose accounts are frozen or terminated due to violation of this Agreement, the Printing-Market shall not be required to claim any compensation or compensation.

7. If the Printing-Market platform top up errors, the Printing-Market platform will retrieve records. In the case of valid data and valid credentials provided by users, Printing-Market will make changes and remedial measures according to the user top up situation.

II. Consumption And Agreement Of Reload Point

1. Reload Point is a virtual currency dedicated to Printing-Market platform, which is used to purchase services or commodities related to Printing-Market platform. In view of the special nature of services or commodities provided by Printing-Market platform, Reload Point belongs to goods not suitable for return. Therefore, the use of Reload Point to purchase services or commodities on Printing-Market platform does not apply the provision of unreasonable return.

2. The user understands and agrees that Printing-Market provides services or commodities by paying the corresponding Reload Point first and then providing services or commodities. On the premise that Printing-Market platform provides services or commodities to the user, the user needs to pay the "Reload Point" required for the order in full and in time.

3. The user understands and agrees that once it succeeds in purchasing services or goods using the "Reload Point" in its account, the Printing-Market platform will not provide any order modification or revision services. Users will not be able to return the "Reload Point" that they have paid for the services or goods provided by the Printing-Market platform.

4. When purchasing services and commodities provided by Printing-Market platform, users need to login to an account that conforms to the rules of Printing-Market platform or registered Printing-Market account, and top up the "Reload Point" before submitting the information of the selected services or commodities according to the prompt of the page. The user's account number when submitting an order is the only basis for the Printing-Market platform to confirm the user's identity.

5. Users should ensure that they abide by the principle of good faith in using Printing-Market platform services. In the process of using the "Reload Point" in the user account to pay for the purchase of services or goods, the user will be invited to review the information about the purchase of services or goods, including unit price, service or goods name, payment method and fee, etc. The order information stored in the Printing-Market platform server will be considered as evidence of the payment and disputes of the user's purchase behavior. Users click "Confirm Purchase" (text content can be adjusted according to the needs of the page) which means that the user accepts all the information contained in the order form.

Printing-Market authorities have the final right to interpret the terms of the agreement. The non-stipulated items in the above agreement shall be subject to the stipulations in the Printing-Market User Agreement.
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User Top Up and Consumer Service Agreement
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